Roofing Services


P and P Building Services


P and P building services offer a wide range of operations for your home roof.

We are fully qualified and prepared to sort any roof problem, big or small.

Whether you want a full roof restoration, or a simple tile replacement, P and P are there to help.

Dry Roofing

Dry Ridge

Dry Ridge

Dry Ridge roofing refers to the part of the dry roof system that attaches to the peak area of the roof, allowing you to attach roof tiles there without the need for mortar.

Dry Verge

Dry Verge

A dry verge is fitted to the gable end of the roof and secures the edge tiles to the roof's surface whilst also providing a watertight seal against strong weather.

Roofing Services

P and P Building Services can build an entirely new roof for your project. Ask us for a free quotation.

If your roof has been badly damaged, talk to P and P Building Services. We can offer you a comprehensive re-roofing service to ensure that your home remains livable and intact. 

While we do provide a roof maintenance service, replacing missing or damaged tiles, occasionally the roof may be in such disrepair that a complete re-roof is required. 

We also replace wooden battens and roofing felt. 

Your roof is protecting your home and as such also needs to be kept in good order, including the chimney.  We can inspect the roof and chimney for you to put your mind at rest.

Slate has been a popular form of roofing for hundreds of years.

If desired, P and P can provide the construction or change to slate at a competitive price.

P and P Building Services offer many different kinds of fascias, soffits, and guttering, but our range of uPVC based materials are our speciality.