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Gravel Driveways

This surface is fast becoming the most popular material in the UK for a number of reasons,

including the low cost of installation.

Gravel driveways can look fantastic too,

but you’ll need to ensure continued maintenance, such as raking and brushing loose stones back into place.

Other advantages include a quick installation and a range of colours to choose from.


Gravel Services

Perfect for any home project, our Resin Bound system has been formulated to the highest standard.

It is created by mixing a high quality, clear, UV Stable polyurethane resin

with a blend of natural aggregate which is then trowelled down onto a suitable surface.


Crushed Gravel,

also referred to as loose gravel driveways,

are built up from a mix of coarse sand mixed with small stones.

Such a solution is perfect for homeowners on a budget, as it provides a cheap and effective method for providing vehicle access to your home.

Resin Bonded surfacing is a serious competitor when it comes to driveway surfacing.

This kind of driveway is made by spreading stone aggregate on top of a previously laid resin surface,

creating a solid and cost effective finish you can be proud of.

Benefits of Resin

  • Fully permeable, SUDs compliant service
  • Highly resistant to damage from vehicles and the weather
  • Low maintanence
  • Long lasting
  • Highly customisable with different colours of aggregate and custom patterns
  • High friction surface

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