P & P Building Services are Building Specialists creating driveways and home extensions.

Windows & Doors

We provide a full windows and doors installation service.

P and P Building Services are specialists in providing excellent services for windows and doors.

As a well established family firm we provide a knowledgeable and courteous service across our local area that just can't be beat.

Extensions - Information


  • Built by Professionals
  • Quality Building Products
  • Good value for money
  • Can be customised (by Owner)
  • Choice of colour & products
  • Hardwearing roofing materials
  • Weatherproof doors & Windows
  • On Site "Working Code" 

Our Process

  1. Dig & Prepare Foundation Surface
  2. Lay Ground Pipes (if Required)
  3. Compact the base soil and lay concrete
  4. Lay (Blue Brick) Lay of bricks 
  5. Build & Lay Bricks
  6. Allowing the base to settle

Home Extensions

P & P Building Services specialize in building home extensions.

Why move?

It may be cheaper to extend the home you love rather than uproot your family to another area.

Many people are now looking to extend the family home they live in, and which holds happy memories than start again from fresh.

Building an extension means you can stay where you are and give yourself more room.

Whether you need an office space, a children's play area, an additional area for elderly parents or grown up children, an extra bedroom or extend the kitchen or bathroom, it's worth thinking about.

We build extensions from scratch, and not just the brickwork either.

We also install the windows and the doors.

There are a variety of doors and windows to choose from.

We also install the roofing.

We build complete extensions. 

We install roofing to fit in with the existing roof.

There are choices of roofing materials to choose from.

We have carried out a number of extension projects over the years, creating that extra special space for our client's homes.
Even the smallest extension can make the difference. By redesigning the original layout of a building, a fantastic family space can be created.
We can offer a full design and planning service through our partners from the initial idea to completed drawings.
From an ultra modern design that is sympathetic to older buildings – we take pride in creating an extension that fits hand in hand with your construction work.

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We are based in Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire, and are willing to service buildings anywhere within those areas.


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